Prof. Corso moved to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at the University of Michigan in the 8/2014. He continues his work and research group in high-level computer vision at the intersection of perception, semantics/language, and robotics. Unless you are looking for something specific, historically, here, you probably would rather go to his new page.
Jason J. Corso
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* CAREER: Generalized Image Understanding
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Current (as of 8/2012)

ARO DURIP (PI): Two-Rank Mobile Robot Fleet for Swarm Surveillance, WarFighter Assistance, and other Army-related Research and Research-Related Education
ARO YIP (PI): GBS: Guidance By Semantics-Using High-Level Visual Inference to Improve Vision-based Mobile Robot Localization
CIA (PI): Semantic Video Summarization With Ontology-Driven Probabilistic Inference on Massive Multimedia Collections
DARPA MINDSEYE (PI): ISTARE: Intelligent Spatio-Temporal Activity Reasoning Engine
DARPA CSSG-II (PI): ACE -- Active Clustering for Exploitation and Defense Forensics
DARPA CSSG-III (PI): Transferring ACE to the Analyst
FHWA (CUBRC Sub) (PI): Computer Vision and Mobile Robot Technologies for Advanced Emergency Response
IARPA ALADDIN (Kitware Sub) (PI): Ontology, Event Agents and Event Recounting for ALADDIN
NIH (HRI Sub) (PI): Objective Imaging-Based Assessment of Smoking Behavior from Used Filters
Naval PS (PI): Comprehensive Object Detection Library for Large-Scale Image Analytics
NSF CAREER (PI): CAREER: Generalized Image Understanding with Probabilistic Ontologies and Dynamic Adaptive Graph Hierarchies

Expired (reverse sorted by date of expiry)

NIH (HRI Sub) (PI): Digital Imaging of Cigarette Filters
DARPA CSSG-I: Probabilistic Ontology Induction for Generalized Video Understanding
NSF (Co-I):II-NEW: Acquisition of BCI - A Biomedical Computing Infrastructure
HP (Co-I): Multimodal Command-and-Control By Integrating Two-Handed Gestures and Speech
UB-IRDF (Co-I): Reconstructing CT Images from a Limited Number of Projections

I am grateful for the funding support listed above.

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