Format: 20 min presentation followed by 5 min questions and answers.

Please email your presentation to me by 5:00PM on the day before you are to give your talk.

I will post links to these files on the course home page, and you will be able to open them from the classroom pc and projector.


  1. No more than 4-5 bullets any single slide.
  2. Illustrate with graphics wherever possible.
  3. Do at least one dry run to determine how many slides you are likely to cover in 20 min. Make sure you will have time to get to the critical slides.
  4. Have a core set of slides (15-25) and a supplementary set (0-10+) which you can cover if you have time.
  5. Your core set should include clear statements of:
    • your problem
    • where it fits: 3-D/motion? passive/active?
    • your basic approach
    • the literature and your relation to it
    • what you have produced to date
    • what your minimal goals for the project include
    • what you will do if you have additional time It may include anything else as well, but these items are valuable in framing your project.
  6. Assume audience is knowledgeable in computer vision but not necessarily in the exact area of your project.
  7. Oral presentation: nervousness, which everyone feels, tends to make you speak quickly. Speak at a moderate pace, be careful not to speak too quickly.
  8. Mention at the beginning of your presentation if you want questions as they occur to people, or to hold questions until you are done.