Current Projects

UB Talker
The UB Talker is an augmentative and alternative communication device for the speech-impaired.

An technology-based interactive learning system for pre-K through grade 12.

If you are interested in working on either of these projects, contact Dr. Schindler at

The Center for Socially Relevant Computing

The Center for Socially Relevant Computing develops and implements solutions to socially relevant problems in the community. While we will embark any socially relevant project, our primary focous is helping those with disabilities. Some of the projects that have been implemented by the Center include:
UB Talker - An augmentative communication system for the speech-impaired
DISCO System - A sensory feedback system used to teach children with developmental disabilities cause and effect)
Single Click PC Interface - A PC interface which allows people who cannot use a computer in the traditional sense (keyboard/mouse) due to a physical disability to use a single switch to control the computer.
If you have a project that you would like the Center to consider working on, contact Dr. Schindler, co-director of the Center.