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Ladan Golshanara
Ladan Golshanara (Ph.D. Student)
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Office:Database Lab: 338Y Davis Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-2500
Email: ladangol [at] buffalo [dot] edu

I am a third year Ph.D. student (and research assistant) in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at SUNY at Buffalo(UB). My general research area is database systems. Currently, I am working in Data Exchange and Temporal Databases under supervision of Dr.Jan Chomicki.
For my master thesis I worked on Join Query Optimization under supervison of S.M.T Rohani Rankoohi.

Curriculum Vitae

For more information about me check out my LinkedIn profile here.


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  2. Golshanara L., Rouhani Rankoohi S.M.T., Shah-Hosseini H., A Multi-colony Ant Algorithm for Optimizing Join Queries in Distributed Database Systems Knowledge and Information Systems, 399(1) pp. 175-206, 2014.
    [The final publication is available at link.springer.com]

  3. Golshanara L., Shamsfard M., 'An Experiment in Mapping COMON to SUMO', in Proc. of the 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference ( ESWC), Poster-Session, 2011.