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My research interests fall broadly into three categories: programming languages, software engineering, and systems. More specifically I am interested in language, compiler, and runtime design for achieving reliability. Along with Steve Ko and Karthik Dantu, I have founded the Reliable Mobile Systems group at UB.

My work has been supported by the following grants:

  • CRI:CI-New: Collaborative Research: Extensible, Software Enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
    $900,000. Role: PI. Credit: 31%.

  • CAREER: Enabling Adaptable, Object Oriented, Real-time Systems.
    $500,000. Role: PI. Credit: 100%.

  • MRI: Development of iCAVE2 -Instrument for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Evaluation and Experimentation.
    $1,699,274. Role: co-PI. Credit 14%.

  • III: Small: Just in Time Data Structures.
    $499,274. Role co-PI. Credit 50%.

  • II-EN: Collaborative Research: Positioning MLton for Next-Generation Programming Languages Research.
    $605,970 Role PI. Credit 63%.

  • CI-P: Planning for a Community Infrastructure to Enable Pocket-Scale Data Management Research.
    $100,000 Role co-PI. Credit 33%.

  • II-NEW: Collaborative Research: An Extensible Software Infrastructure for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
    $85,000. Role PI. Credit 50%.

I am involved in a number of large software projects:

  • PocketData: a database benchmark and dataset for mobile devices (Open Source).

  • RTDroid: a real-time Android variant (Open Source).

  • RTML: a SML compiler for real-time systems built from MLton (Open Source).

  • Multi-MLton : a multi-core aware extension of the MLton SML compiler (Open Source).

  • The Fiji VM: a real-time Java VM with support for mixed-criticality applications (academic licenses available).

  • Sting: an optimizing compiler extension to SessionJ that utilizes JavaFlow (Open Source).

  • BlueSeal: a Soot extension for security analysis of Android apps (Open Source).

Recent News:

  • Congratulations to Feng Shen and Yin Yan for officially receiving their Ph.D.s.

  • I have received the UB award for Teaching Innovation for 2017.

  • Implementation for our real-time SML compiler (built on MLton) is available, it is an early stage prototype.

  • Implementation for RTDroid is available, including data sets, and scripts. Latest publication accepted to RTAS 2017.

  • Implementation for BlueSeal string analysis for Android is available, including data sets and scripts.

Email: lziarek AT buffalo DOT edu | Curriculum Vitae [pdf]

338E Davis Hall | Buffalo, NY, 142600-2500 | USA | +1.716.645.1596