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 Button-Builder/Communications Device for the Speech Impaired and Their Therapists Project



Preliminary project requirements: BBReq.docx

Android Tablet Button Builder and Communicator, to aid speech therapists and their disabled clients

Communicative disorders are varied and age-independent. Many people, children included, lack or lose the ability to speak, yet maintain fine motor control. An Android tablet app that displays buttons for phrase selection could be a portable voice, customizable for different situations and locations. The device app must have two modes, one for speech therapists to build button pages, and one for the client to use as a communications device.

Build: buttons must be added to a page, and pages must be added to the app. Pages merely contain button layouts. Buttons should be customizable as to size, location, color, action, page (including multiple pages), label, and picture. Button Actions should include speaking a word or phrase, or moving to a different page. The app itself should be customizable to male or female voice, and volume. 
Use: Pages should be presented, and pages and buttons should be easily selectable. When a button is pressed, the preprogrammed action should be taken.
Suggestions: In addition to speaking a word or phrase, buttons might also be capable of playing a song or video, or controlling an electrical outlet to activate a device.

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