My 55 gallon tank

(Last updated: Fri Sep 10 00:26:29 EDT 1999)

This tank was set up on September 13, 1995. It replaced my 20 gallon tank as my primary community tank.

And it was taken down on September 10, 1999 (because we were leaving Buffalo).

I had intended to add CO2 injection (from a compressed gas tank). But I have not done so. However, it was still a very successful plant tank.

A "55 gallon" All-Glass, meaning that it is about 48" by 12" by 21" (I think), and actually could hold 12096 cubic inches or 52.4 gallons.
100lbs of fine aquarium gravel. The bottom third has 500gm of DuplaritG laterite mixed in with it. (No under gravel-heating cables though.)
AquaClear 300
AquaClear 150 (from the 20Gallon).
Ebo-Jager 150W
1 48" 40W Triton
1 48" 40W PennPlax UltraTriLux
1 48" 40W Vita-Lite Powertwist
1 48" 40W standard Perfecto bulb

The information below reflects what the tank contained when it was shut down, in Sept 1999.

It was a very active growth of Anubias. Many of them had sprouted sub-plants. Various had flowered.
The jade sword ended up with an 18" "trunk" along the surface of the gravel; and the leaves took up easily half the space in the tank!

Davin Milun <>