Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game Premier Edition Checklist

Here is the list of B5CCG Premier Edition cards, as well as how many of each we own.

Note that this is just part of the B5 trading card and B5 CCG information/lists that we have online. The rest is on our B5 collection page.

The "WE HAVE" column is the total number of each card in our collection:

And, conversely, any number below those limits indicates cards that we are missing, and want to trade for.
To make things simpler to determine trades, I have extracted this list of needed and spare Rares.
And now for Uncommons too.

All cards are M/NM and unplayed.

{}'s indicate possible trades that have been offered.
[]'s indicate confirmed trades in progress.

Assigning Blame F Aftermath 6
Battle Tested U Aftermath 3
Blessings P Aftermath 2
Blood Oath U Aftermath 5
Casualty Reports R Aftermath 1
Combat Experience C Aftermath 8
Contact First Ones P Aftermath 3
Crisis of Self U Aftermath 4
Cultural Connections P Aftermath 4
Despair R Aftermath 3
Develop Relationship U Aftermath 4
Diplomatic Advantage R Aftermath 1
Disenchantment U Aftermath 4
Disgrace R Aftermath 2
Enrage U Aftermath 6
Exploit Opportunities F Aftermath 3
Focus Your Efforts U Aftermath 3
Glory R Aftermath 1
Grievance U Aftermath 3
Guilt U Aftermath 2
Harvest Souls R Aftermath 1
Hidden Agent F Aftermath 3
Hunted F Aftermath 2
In the Line of Duty U Aftermath 3
Inevitable Destiny R Aftermath 2
Intolerable Interference U Aftermath 4
It Will Be His Undoing R Aftermath 2
Lamentations F Aftermath 2
Lack of Direction P Aftermath 4
Learning Experience C Aftermath 7
Left Vulnerable R Aftermath 1
Loss of Face C Aftermath 10
Martyr R Aftermath 1
Negotiated Surrender R Aftermath 1
News of Defeat U Aftermath 3
Nightmares U Aftermath 3
No Escape R Aftermath 2
Older but Wiser C Aftermath 7
Paying for Sins R Aftermath 1
Personal Enemies U Aftermath 7
Personal Involvement F Aftermath 3
Personal Sacrifice F Aftermath 2
Protests R Aftermath 2
Public Apology R Aftermath 2
Racial Hatred R Aftermath 2
Refugees F Aftermath 4
Renowned Victory F Aftermath 2
Repairing the Past F Aftermath 4
Rescue U Aftermath 5
Retribution F Aftermath 3
Reverse Advances R Aftermath 1
Rise to Power F Aftermath 3
Rivalry F Aftermath 3
Secondary Experience F Aftermath 2
Skeletons in the Closet R Aftermath 2
Successful Manipulation U Aftermath 6
Under Pressure U Aftermath 5
United Front F Aftermath 2
Vendetta R Aftermath 1
War Hero F Aftermath 2
Wear and Tear U Aftermath 3
Wounded R Aftermath 1
Approval of the Grey F Aftermath, Minbari 2
A Rising Power C Agenda 5
As It Was Meant To Be R Agenda 1
Defense in Depth U Agenda 4
Higher Calling C Agenda 5
Imperialism C Agenda 6
Infiltrate and Exploit U Agenda 3
Knowledge is Power F Agenda 3
Maintain the Peace R Agenda 1
Meddling with Others U Agenda 4
Peace In Our Time F Agenda 2
Power Politics F Agenda 9
Seizing Advantage R Agenda 3
Strength in Adversity U Agenda 4
Support of the Mighty U Agenda 4
The Hope of Peace U Agenda 3
Total War R Agenda 1
Growth in Chaos C Agenda, Centauri 5
Rise of the Republic F Agenda, Centauri 3
Alliance of Races F Agenda, Human 2
Leading the Races C Agenda, Human 7
Forced Evolution R Agenda, Major 2
Order Above All R Agenda, Major 1
Finish the War F Agenda, Minbari 2
Servants of Order F Agenda, Minbari 2
Never Again F Agenda, Narn 2
Revenge F Agenda, Narn 2
Adira Tyree F Character, Centauri 3
Carn Mollari F Character, Centauri 3
Centauri Agent F Character, Centauri 6
Centauri Aide F Character, Centauri 3
Centauri Captain F Character, Centauri 3
Centauri Telepath C Character, Centauri 7
Drigo F Character, Centauri 3
Emperor Turhan R Character, Centauri 2
Lady Ladira U Character, Centauri 3
Lady Morella F Character, Centauri 3
Londo Mollari F Character, Centauri 3
Lord Kiro U Character, Centauri 4
Lord Refa U Character, Centauri 4
Lord Valo C Character, Centauri 8
Lyndisty C Character, Centauri 7
Minister Malachi R Character, Centauri 1
Urza Jaddo F Character, Centauri 3
Vir Cotto F Character, Centauri 3
Bester R Character, Human 3
Captain Pierce P Character, Human 2
Frederick Lantz F Character, Human 2
General Franklin U Character, Human 3
General Hague F Character, Human 2
Human Agent F Character, Human 2
Human Aide F Character, Human 2
Human Captain F Character, Human 2
Jeffrey Sinclair F Character, Human 2
John Sheridan R Character, Human 2
Louis Santiago R Character, Human 1
Miagi Hidoshi F Character, Human 2
Michael Garibaldi F Character, Human 2
Sandra Hiroshi C Character, Human 7
Sarah U Character, Human 3
Senator Voudreau U Character, Human 6
Stephen Franklin F Character, Human 2
Susan Ivanova F Character, Human 2
Talia Winters F Character, Human 2
Warren Keefer C Character, Human 8
Zack Allen U Character, Human 2
Ashan F Character, Minbari 2
Delenn F Character, Minbari 2
Delenn Transformed R Character, Minbari 3
Dhaliri U Character, Minbari 4
Draal F Character, Minbari 2
Durlan C Character, Minbari 8
Hedronn F Character, Minbari 2
Kalain F Character, Minbari 2
Lennier F Character, Minbari 2
Lovell C Character, Minbari 5
Minbari Agent F Character, Minbari 2
Minbari Aide F Character, Minbari 2
Minbari Captain F Character, Minbari 2
Minbari Telepath F Character, Minbari 2
Neroon U Character, Minbari 4
Rathenn R Character, Minbari 1
Shakat R Character, Minbari 2
Shal Mayan F Character, Minbari 2
Warleader Shakiri R Character, Minbari 2
Du'Nar U Character, Narn 5
Du'Rog C Character, Narn 7
G'Drog C Character, Narn 6
G'Kar F Character, Narn 2
G'Sten R Character, Narn 1
Ja'Doc F Character, Narn 2
Kha'Mak F Character, Narn 2
Ko'Dath F Character, Narn 2
Na'Far U Character, Narn 3
Na'Kal F Character, Narn 2
Na'Toth F Character, Narn 2
Na'Toth (variant) (Signed)P Character, Narn 3
Na'Toth (variant) (Unsigned)P Character, Narn 1
Narn Agent F Character, Narn 2
Narn Aide F Character, Narn 2
Narn Captain F Character, Narn 2
Ta'Lon F Character, Narn 2
Tu'Pari R Character, Narn 3
Catherine Sakai U Character, Neutral 4
Cynthia Torqueman U Character, Neutral 3
Dan Randall C Character, Neutral 9
Disaffected Centauri R Character, Neutral 1
Disaffected Human R Character, Neutral 2
Disaffected Minbari R Character, Neutral 1
Disaffected Narn R Character, Neutral 2
Doctor Franklin P Character, Neutral 2
Elric R Character, Neutral 2
Jason Ironheart R Character, Neutral 2
Jha'Dur R Character, Neutral 1
Lyta Alexander F Character, Neutral 2
Marcus Cole R Character, Neutral 1
Mary Ann Cramer C Character, Neutral 5
Morden R Character, Neutral 1
Mr. Adams U Character, Neutral 4
N'Grath F Character, Neutral 2
Rogue Soul Hunter R Character, Neutral 2
Soul Hunter U Character, Neutral 4
Kosh Naranek R Character, Vorlon 4
Sleeper Personality F Conflict 2
The Great Machine R Conflict 2
A Brighter Future R Conflict, Diplomacy 1
Affirmation of Peace F Conflict, Diplomacy 4
Affirmation of Power F Conflict, Diplomacy 4
Alliance C Conflict, Diplomacy 5
Campaign for Support C Conflict, Diplomacy 5
Compatible Goals U Conflict, Diplomacy 4
Complete Support U Conflict, Diplomacy 5
Condemn Deportations C Conflict, Diplomacy 7
Consolidated Position R Conflict, Diplomacy 1
Demonstrative Victory R Conflict, Diplomacy 1
Destroy the Opposition P Conflict, Diplomacy 4
Euphrates Treaty F Conflict, Diplomacy 2
Extreme Sanction U Conflict, Diplomacy 4
Humanitarian Aid C Conflict, Diplomacy 5
Immortality Serum R Conflict, Diplomacy 1
Loss of Support U Conflict, Diplomacy 5
Neutrality Treaty C Conflict, Diplomacy 6
Non-Aggression Pact C Conflict, Diplomacy 6
Non-Aligned Support U Conflict, Diplomacy 3
Parliament of Dreams R Conflict, Diplomacy 2
Rally the People R Conflict, Diplomacy 1
Saber Rattling U Conflict, Diplomacy 3
Stop Hostilities F Conflict, Diplomacy 2
Supplement Security F Conflict, Diplomacy 2
Suppress the Media P Conflict, Diplomacy 2
Test Their Mettle F Conflict, Diplomacy 9
Trade Pact F Conflict, Diplomacy 4
Attacking Pawns C Conflict, Intrigue 5
Bio-Weapon Discovery R Conflict, Intrigue 1
Black Market U Conflict, Intrigue 4
Court the Rebellious C Conflict, Intrigue 7
Dishonor F Conflict, Intrigue 3
Forced Impairment R Conflict, Intrigue 1
Free the Souls R Conflict, Intrigue 1
Hate Crime U Conflict, Intrigue 4
Hunter, Prey C Conflict, Intrigue 7
Kidnapping F Conflict, Intrigue 9
Muddy the Waters C Conflict, Intrigue 5
Na'Ka'Leen Feeder C Conflict, Intrigue 6
Precision Strike U Conflict, Intrigue 4
Psi Interrogation C Conflict, Intrigue 6
Purge the Disloyal U Conflict, Intrigue 3
Sabotage F Conflict, Intrigue 3
Sponsor Rebels U Conflict, Intrigue 3
Technological Espionage C Conflict, Intrigue 7
Temptations C Conflict, Intrigue 5
Terrorist Bombings U Conflict, Intrigue 4
Witness Protection R Conflict, Intrigue 1
Blockade R Conflict, Military 2
Border Raid F Conflict, Military 9
Crusade R Conflict, Military 1
Establish Base U Conflict, Military 3
Gunboat Diplomacy F Conflict, Military 5
Limited Strike F Conflict, Military 11
Peacekeeping U Conflict, Military 3
Raid Shipping U Conflict, Military 3
Shadow Assault U Conflict, Military 5
Psi Attack U Conflict, Psi 3
Telepathic Scan F Conflict, Psi 2
Babylon 5 Unrest R Enhancement, Babylon 5 2
Upgraded Defenses F Enhancement, Babylon 5 2
The Eye R Enhancement, Centauri Character 1
Backroom Dealing U Enhancement, Character 4
Concealed Weapon C Enhancement, Character 6
Covert Allies R Enhancement, Character 1
Isolated U Enhancement, Character 5
Latent Telepath C Enhancement, Character 4
Luxuries of Homeworld U Enhancement, Character 5
Overworked C Enhancement, Character 5
Personal Protection U Enhancement, Character 4
Power Posturing R Enhancement, Character 1
Prophecy F Enhancement, Character 3
Psi Bodyguard F Enhancement, Character 2
Pulling Strings C Enhancement, Character 5
Security Training U Enhancement, Character 3
Shunned U Enhancement, Character 4
Unrelenting Pressure P Enhancement, Character 2
Vorlon Enhancement R Enhancement, Character 1
Working Relationship U Enhancement, Character 3
Assault Troops U Enhancement, Faction 3
Bureaucratic Controls P Enhancement, Faction 3
Draft U Enhancement, Faction 4
Fixed in Their Ways U Enhancement, Faction 5
Forced Commitment R Enhancement, Faction 1
Isolationism U Enhancement, Faction 3
Judgement by Success U Enhancement, Faction 3
Mines U Enhancement, Faction 5
Secondary Control R Enhancement, Faction 1
Vital Interests R Enhancement, Faction 1
Censure U Enhancement, Fleet 3
Mass Drivers U Enhancement, Fleet 4
Commerce Raiding U Enhancement, Global 4
Armed Resistance U Enhancement, Location 3
Exploitation C Enhancement, Location 4
Fleet Support Base F Enhancement, Location 2
Planetary Defenses C Enhancement, Location 6
Salvage Yard R Enhancement, Location 2
Triluminary U Enhancement, Minbari Character 5
Stealth Technology R Enhancement, Minbari Fleet 2
Crystal Cities F Enhancement, Minbari Location 2
Book of G'Quan F Enhancement, Narn Character 2
Energy Mines F Enhancement, Narn Fleet 2
A Good Bluff C Event 5
Accident C Event 8
Affirm Alliance F Event 9
Armistice C Event 7
Avert Incident C Event 7
Balance F Event 3
Bombing Run P Event 5
Carpe Diem R Event 1
Change of Plans C Event 6
Changing Opinion C Event 9
Chaos Reigns C Event 4
Competing Interests R Event 3
Concentrated Effort C Event 6
Conflicting Desires R Event 1
Conflicting Loyalties R Event 1
Confusion in Chaos C Event 6
Contact with Shadows C Event 7
Contact with Vorlons F Event 4
Coordinated Fire C Event 7
Cut Supply Lines C Event 5
Decisive Tactics F Event 9
Declaration of War F Event 11
Defame Ambassador C Event 7
Destined to Be P Event 3
Destiny Fulfilled F Event 3
Diplomatic Blunder C Event 5
Diplomatic Immunity C Event 9
Early Warning F Event 2
Emergency Military Aid C Event 4
Exploration C Event 8
Evidence of Shadows P Event 2
Fleets on the Border C Event 8
For My People C Event 8
For the Common Good C Event 8
For the Good of All F Event 2
Forces Collide R Event 1
Hidden Knowledge F Event 2
Hire Raiders C Event 9
Hour of the Wolf U Event 3
Internal Strife C Event 7
Intrigues Mature C Event 8
Knowledge of Shadows C Event 6
Knowledge of the Soul U Event 6
Lack of Subtlety C Event 10
Level the Playing Field F Event 27
Liquidating Assets C Event 6
Lockdown C Event 7
Long Term Investment C Event 7
Medical Assistance F Event 2
Meditation C Event 7
Merchandising B5 C Event 9
Monitored Deal P Event 5
Moral Quandary C Event 4
News of Galactic Import C Event 8
Not Meant to Be R Event 1
Political Realignment U Event 3
Popular Support F Event 9
Prolonged Talks R Event 2
Rally to the Cause C Event 5
Ramming R Event 1
Recalled to Service R Event 2
Sanctions C Event 9
Secret Strike R Event 1
Secret Vorlon Aid C Event 7
Seduction C Event 7
Self Doubt C Event 8
Shadow Strike U Event 4
Short Term Goals F Event 3
Short Term Investment C Event 6
Sneak Attack C Event 5
Sortie C Event 4
Special Ops C Event 9
Strafing Run C Event 4
Strategic Reassignment C Event 9
Subliminal Influence U Event 4
Support Babylon 5 F Event 2
The Opposition Rises C Event 6
The Price of Power F Event 3
Trade Windfall C Event 8
Underworld Connections F Event 9
Universe Today Feature C Event 8
Unrecognized Data C Event 9
Victory in My Grasp F Event 3
Vorlon Rescue R Event 1
War by Popular Decree C Event 7
What Do You Want? C Event 6
Who Are You? C Event 8
You Are Not Ready F Event 2
You Know My Reputation F Event 2
Chrysalis U Event, Minbari 3
Colonial Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
Deep Space Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
Expeditionary Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
First Battle Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
Garrison Fleet (Centauri) U Fleet, Centauri 4
Homeworld Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
Picket Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
Second Battle Fleet (Centauri) F Fleet, Centauri 3
Third Battle Fleet (Centauri) R Fleet, Centauri 1
Utility Fleet (Centauri) C Fleet, Centauri 5
Colonial Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
Deep Space Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
Expeditionary Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
First Battle Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
Fleet of the Line R Fleet, Human 1
Homeworld Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
Picket Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
Reserve Fleet (Human) U Fleet, Human 4
Second Battle Fleet (Human) F Fleet, Human 2
Utility Fleet (Human) C Fleet, Human 8
Colonial Fleet (Minbari) F Fleet, Minbari 2
Deep Space Fleet (Minbari) C Fleet, Minbari 7
Expeditionary Fleet (Minbari) F Fleet, Minbari 2
First Battle Fleet (Minbari) F Fleet, Minbari 3
Grey Council Fleet R Fleet, Minbari 1
Homeworld Fleet (Minbari) F Fleet, Minbari 3
Picket Fleet (Minbari) F Fleet, Minbari 2
Second Battle Fleet (Minbari) F Fleet, Minbari 2
Third Battle Fleet (Minbari) U Fleet, Minbari 3
Warleader's Fleet R Fleet, Minbari 1
Colonial Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 2
Deep Space Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 4
Expeditionary Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 2
First Battle Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 2
Heavy Fleet (Narn) R Fleet, Narn 1
Homeworld Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 2
Picket Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 2
Second Battle Fleet (Narn) F Fleet, Narn 2
Strike Fleet (Narn) U Fleet, Narn 4
Utility Fleet (Narn) C Fleet, Narn 6
Drazi Sunhawk C Fleet, Non-Aligned 8
Ipsha Battleglobe U Fleet, Non-Aligned 4
Markab Fleet R Fleet, Non-Aligned 1
Vree Saucers R Fleet, Non-Aligned 2
Commercial Telepaths U Group 5
Counterintelligence R Group 1
Damage Control Team R Group 1
Diplomatic Corps C Group 6
Extended Contacts C Group 8
Government Opposition R Group 2
Interstellar Corporation C Group 6
ISN U Group 3
Military Cadre C Group 8
Military Telepaths U Group 3
Motivated Leaders R Group 1
Observers R Group 3
Rabble Rousers U Group 5
Ranger Strike Team U Group 3
Rangers Surveillance R Group 1
Secret Police U Group 4
Spin Doctors R Group 1
War College C Group 5
Imperial Telepaths R Group, Centauri 1
Influential Lords U Group, Centauri 3
Psi Corps Intelligence F Group, Human 2
Religious Caste U Group, Minbari 4
Warrior Caste R Group, Minbari 2
Wind Swords U Group, Minbari 3
Narn Rabble U Group, Narn 3
Thenta Makur R Group, Narn 2
Sleeping Z'ha'dum R Location 1
Centauri Prime F Location, Centauri 3
Immolan V U Location, Centauri 4
Ragesh III F Location, Centauri 3
Earth F Location, Human 2
Mars Colony F Location, Human 2
Proxima III U Location, Human 3
Transfer Point Io U Location, Human 3
Minbar F Location, Minbari 2
Minbari Protectorate U Location, Minbari 3
Narn Homeworld F Location, Narn 2
Quadrant 14 F Location, Narn 2
Quadrant 37 U Location, Narn 5

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