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People keep asking me about the various Babylon 5 CCG Promo cards, so I figured I'd put together some information about them, to supplement my Babylon 5 Trading Cards page.

I have collected this information from various web sites, from Scrye #5.1 page 30, and from various people who are selling various of these promos.

Some other places that have B5CCG Promo card information are: Doug Williamson's B5CCG site, Chris Miller's B5CCG site, Sam Black's B5CCG site, Joey's B5CCG gallery.

Some images I scanned myself. Others are scans taken from various places on the web, including Vicki's pages.

Promos for the Premier Edition

Exclusive from Sierra Online

Bombing Run
Duelist, Volume 5 Number 2, (#22), February 1998
Also available as the "mystery promo" card included in the Babylon Project's Gamermasters' Resource Kit

Captain Pierce
Character, Human
Coupons for it were distributed at Gen Con 97 and Origins 97
In March 1998, it was distributed by Precedence to Zeta Squadron members.

Contact First Ones
Came with B5 CCG orders from American Entertainment Group.
In July 1998, it was distributed by Precedence to Zeta Squadron members.

Cultural Connections
Scrye Issue #5.1, April 1998

Destined to Be
Given to the winners of official B5 CCG tournaments.

Destroy the Opposition
Conflict, Diplomacy
Available from Precedence B5 Rangers at B5 CCG demos.

Doctor Franklin
Character, Neutral
In some B5 CCG 2-player intro boxes (at Babbages only?).
(Also, at least one apparently made its way into a regular Booster packs!)
In July 1998, it was distributed by Precedence to Zeta Squadron members.

Lack of Direction
Babylon 5 Magazine #6 (United Kingdom)
Estimated print run: 40,000

Monitored Deal
Scrye Issue #4.5, January 1998

Na'Toth (variant)
Available, signed, by ordering Julie Caitlin Brown's CD.
It also exists in an unsigned form.
In March 1998, it was distributed by Precedence to Zeta Squadron members. It was the signed version - but with the Precedence logo imprinted on the card.
Estimated print run: 5000

Suppress the Media
Conflict, Diplomacy
Came with B5 CCG orders from Wargames West, an Albuquerque NM, wholesale distributor.

Promos for the Shadows Expansion

Broken Allegiance
UK Power Magazine (issue?)

Bureaucratic Controls
Enhancement, Faction
Gamer magazine, May/June 1998 issue
But various people have found it in some issues of Tuff Stuff's Collect! April 1998 issue.

Credit Chip
Enhancement, Character
Scrye Magazine, issue #5.3, August 1998

Defense Treaty
Conflict, Diplomacy Conflict
Comes with booster box purchase from Georgia Music and Sports

Evidence of Shadows
Duelist, Volume 5 Number 5, May 1998

Inconclusive Strike
Available to Zeta Squadron members only

Past Victories
Enhancement, Character
Given away at official Tournaments

Shadow Contact
Character, Neutral
Scrye Issue #5.2

Unrelenting Pressure
Enhancement, Character
Tuff Stuff's Collect! April 1998 issue.

Veteran Fleet
Enhancement, Fleet
Available at various Summer Conventions Precedence attends

Promos for The Great War Expansion

Asimov Laws
Psi Conflict
Scrye Magazine, Sept 1998 issue

Attack Formation
The Official B5 Magazine, September 1998 issue.

Charting the Course
Mail in offer, available by sending in certain UPCs from certain packs.

Defector Revealed
Duelist Magazine, Vol 5 num 10, October 1998

Gamer magazine, September/October 1998 issue
Also in Collect magazine

Through certain distributers by arrangement with Precedence.
On Feb 18, John Hart of Precedence wrote: "Exhaustion has had its status changed. We're reconsidering what to do with it."
In mid 1999, this card was given to Zeta Squadron members as a bonus for renewing their membership.

For the Future
Given to the winners of official B5 CCG tournaments.

Gaim Merchant
Non-Aligned Character
Available to Zeta Squadron members only

Return to Ideals
Bonus card included in Great War boxes.

Rogue Telepath
Neutral Character
Bonus card included in Deluxe Edition boxes.

Character Enhancement
Mail in offer with purchase of the official "Babylon 5 Strategy Guide".

The Just Suffer
Available from Rangers at B5CCG demos.

Neutral Character
Scrye Magazine, #5.5, November 1998

Promos for The Psi Corps Expansion

A Meeting of Minds
Inquest Gamer Magazine, #47, March 1999

Elder Statesman
Character Enhancement

Join the Corps
Character Enhancement
Sci-Fi Universe Magazine, Vol 5 Num 3

Psi Arbitrators
Scrye Magazine?

Psi Spies
Faction Enhancement
Promotion from Del Rey books (with 3rd Psi trilogy volume?)

The Dreaming
Faction Enhancement
Bonus card included in Psi Corp boxes.

Other Promos

Lyta Empowered
Vorlon Character
1998 Copyright date.
Pat Tallman has them with her, and is signing them, at convention appearances.
There is a signed-embossed version available from Precedence Distributors. As of sometime in September 1998, when you order 3 boxes of Shadow cards, and request it, you should get one.
On October 1, 1998, Douglas Williamson announced in that Precedence will be including the unsigned version of this card as a regular Rare in the Great War set.
Only 2500 signed embossed copies made. (But clearly MANY more unembossed ones - but the Great War ones say "The Great War" on the copyright line.)

1997 Copyright date.
Origin of the card is unknown.
But I heard a rumor that the card was printed as a surprise gift for Zeta Squadron members. But only 1000 were made, and there were more that 1000 Zeta Squad members by that stage, so they could not send them out. So they've been distributing them through various means, such as Rangers.
The card text indicates that it's only playable "if your name appears in the credits for the Babylon 5 CCG"!
I read that the official explanation for this card from Precedence was: "This card is not part of any set. It was a printing test to see how marks and such would appear on actual cards. It can not be played under any circumstances, and should only be viewed as an interesting diversion and a small window into the minds of the designers."
(This is so rare, that one Auctioned on eBay on 9/6/98 fetched $258.50, and auctions on 10/4/98 and 10/18/98 each fetched $240.50 !!)

Babylon 5, characters, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP. © 1997 Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP.
The B5 CCG Game Design is © 1997, 1998 Precedence.
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