CS421 Fall 1998: How To Hand In

This file contains very important information as to how you should submit your projects - both online, and hardcopy. DO NOT IGNORE THIS INFORMATION!


As mentioned in the project descriptions, you must, by midnight of the due date, submit online your source code file(s) by running
         ~milun/submit_cs421   ... 

We will compile and test-run your programs. Any special information we need to know should be provided in the Technical report.

Please ensure that the version of your program which you submit, does actually compile and run. If you add comments after you get the program working, recompile the commented code before you submit it. The submit_cs421 program will accept new versions of file, so if you submit a file, and then make changes to it, you may resubmit it, and the new version will replace the old.


You are strongly encouraged to typeset your Technical Report. Programs that you can use to do this include TeX, LaTeX, FrameMaker, IslandWrite and ditroff on the Unix systems, or your favorite word processor on a PC/Mac. If you cannot typeset (for some reason??) then the report is required to be typed. No handwritten reports will be accepted (except for any drawings or diagrams).

Spell-check your Technical Report. There are several online spell-checkers: ispell and proofr from the unix prompt; or M-x spell-{word,buffer,region,string} or, even better, M-x ispell-{word,buffer,region,string} from inside emacs. And there are various dictionaries on the World Wide Web.

Laser print your Technical Report single-sided. If you have typeset it, you will have to laser print it anyway; if you don't typeset, laserprint it anyway. The common public-access laser printers are in Bell 101 (bell) and in the Computing Center (comxps for PostScript output, and comxerox for text output). Alternatively, if you have access, you can use harpo or chico in the CS Grad Lab, or luna in 338 Bell.

Note that you are not required to submit hardcopy listings of your programs. If you choose to (for some reason??) you should laserprint (on bell or comxerox) them as well. Listings maybe double-sided.

Do not use a folder or an envelope. Since everything will be laserprinted on regular 8.5 by 11" paper, a single staple in the top left corner should be sufficient.

Staple one cover sheet, of some description (either a header page from bell, comxps, luna etc., or a sheet you generate yourself) on top.

Your Technical Report should precede your program listings, if any.

Do not submit your project in a plastic bag! Any project that is in a plastic bag will *not* be graded!!!!

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