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Material to be Submitted

  1. Submit the source code for the programs. Use meaningful names for the files so that the contents of the file is obvious from the name.
  2. Submit a README file describing which program file corresponds to which part of the project. Also include any special notes, instructions, etc..
  3. You are required to submit a Makefile for your project. It should be set up so that just typing make in your submission directory should correctly compile all parts.
  4. You need to submit a printed Technical Report for the Memory Subsystem implementation (parts 3-6). It should contain two parts:
    1. A users manual.
    2. A technical manual describing your design of the database, the main structures/classes in your program, the main algorithms, the details of your database API, etc..
    This Technical Report should be a professional looking document. It should preferably be typeset (using LaTeX, FrameMaker, IslandWrite, MS Word etc.), and should definitely not be handwritten (except possibly for diagrams).

Davin Milun
Thu Oct 15 21:21:16 EDT 1998