Computer Use

You will be doing your programming assignments on the CSE department's undergraduate systems (, and and the Sun workstations and X Terminals in 338 Bell). In addition to those systems, an extra system named, has been made available for use exclusively by the CS421 class. You must not run your 421 projects on armstrong etc., use fork instead. The operating system in use on these systems is Solaris 2.6 (SunOS 5.6). This is Sun's version of UNIX. Your programs will be written in C or C++, and will be making use of the various system and library calls provided by the UNIX operating system. Most of the calls that you'll be using are part of the POSIX portability standard, and should work on other brands of UNIX.

As well as 338 Bell, there are workstations in 408 Fronczak, the Science & Engineering Library (second floor), and the Bell Hall satellite site. Ethernet access is available in dorm rooms. Telephone access, including PPP support, is available at up to 56kbps, and ISDN. In Erie county, the numbers are: 515-5600 = 28.8kbps; 515-5601 = ISDN; 515-5603 = 56kbps (v.90 and K56Flex). In L ockport the numbers are the same, but begin with 514. In Niagara county the numbers are the same, but begin with 513.

Your computer files containing class projects are your private property, and should be treated as such. Please keep it that way by keeping your files private, keeping your password secret, and frequently changing your password. Avoid using unimaginative passwords. It is your responsibility to prevent others from plagiarizing your work. You may be accused of aiding in academic dishonesty if you fail to keep your work private.

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