Wow - I found somewhere that does a more thorough job of testing browser capabilities: BrowserCaps

o Foo Foo

+ ½ = 1

½ * ½ = ¼

¼ + ½ = ¾

testing ABC
testing ABC
testing ABC

Copyright symbol? © (Works only in Netscape, Arena and HotJava.) ® TM

Does underlining work? (It does in lynx, Arena and emacs. Not in Mosaic 2.4 though. Not in Netscape or HotJava either. It works in Mosaic 2.5. )

Under Mosaic (pre 2.6b3) and Netscape,  's don't work (but do work under emacs, lynx, Arena and Mosaic 2.6b3). Under HotJava, they print as regular breakable spaces. What about  's?
Let's see: first a   [ ] and now a   [ ].
  prints as a space, but is breakable under Mosaic, Netscape, HotJava and lynx. However emacs's w3 mode (GNU and Xemacs) and Arena do it correctly as a non-breakable space.

Does blink work? Should it???? (Does in: Netscape)

Does strike work? Should it???? (Does in: Mosaic, Netscape, Arena)

Does an inline JPEG work? (Does in Mosaic 2.6b1, Netscape, Arena)

Does a mailto work? (Does in: Mosaic 2.6b1, Netscape, lynx, HotJava)

Does FIG work? This is a caption (Does completely in: Arena. Does somewhat in Mosaic2.5; and somewhat more in Mosaic 2.6b1. Not at all in Netscape1.1N or HotJava)


Client-side ImageMap:

inline PNG.

Here are some pointers to various HTML extentions, etc.

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