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Fall 2010 Course Evaluation Comments

CSE191LEC A - Intro Discrete Structures

Reg #: 031018 Instructor: William Rapaport

Great class/great professor. Important for any Computer Scientist.


good and help me improve a lot

Dr. Rapaport is a very interesting and interactive gentleman. The class material is new to me but is stimulating because of the DR's presentation. Dr. Rapaport has convinced me that Computer Science encompasses a much wider spectrum than just programming. I would like to understand better the many concepts that were presented but I will continue to look at the Computer Science Curriculum with Dr. Rapaport in mind.

The course is really helpful for understanding the thinking behind vital computing structures. I think it should be required to take earlier. I don't think that it is really necessary, as the prerequisite requires, to know programming to understand the material. I think it would be useful to take this course before or during the first semester of programming. Perhaps a corequisite would be more appropriate.

At first I thought this class would be a tough and not easy to understand, but the Prof made it very interesting and I was eager to learn and do well in this course. The explanations in class were clear and he always give chance for students to ask questions.

I enjoyed this course very much. If it had been taught by a different instructor, I may feel differently!

This class is exceptional in its depth. It was a little easy for me, since i'm a senior year math student.... but... I must say, Rappaport takes an incredibly in depth intrest in his students, and made what is a difficult topic for beginners very accessible. This class should ABSOLUTELY BE TAUGHT to incoming mathematics freshmen, given that this, more than calculus, is the BACKBONE of what being a math major is all about. Rappaport gets an A+++++++ in my book.

Exams are very rigorous, but overall the course is taught extremely well.

Professor Rapaport did a great job and made classes interesting.

I thought this course was the most relevant computer science course that I have taken so far. It paralled my intro to CS for major 2 class, and I thought the information about first order logic, predicates, and quantifiers was great information to have when thinking critically about programming.

He always helps us about CSE 191, and if we ask to him about the homework problem, he answers right away.

One of the best instructors I have ever had.

Chained Class Components

CSE191REC A 2 - Intro Discrete Structures

Reg #: 056153 Instructor: Staff

good and help me improve a lot

I thought the lab was very beneficial. It definitely played a role in my doing well in the course. I liked the fact that the TA went over the information that we learned earlier in the week, and reviewed important information.

CSE191REC A 3 - Intro Discrete Structures

Reg #: 162436 Instructor: Staff

Once again, the TA office hours were not compatable with my current schedule. However, I did enjoy the recitations because there were appreciable revelations in the Homeworks.

Overall, the recitation helped me a lot as well even though sometimes it was boring and slow.

CSE191REC A 1 - Intro Discrete Structures

Reg #: 417490 Instructor: Staff

Nothing special


TA was unable to answer questions and sometimes presented material incorrectly.

The lab instructor did a pretty good job of going over example homework problems, but when it came to answering questions, or helping us to understand lecture material, he didn't help very much.

Went over homework without really providing any new information.

CSE191REC A 4 - Intro Discrete Structures

Reg #: 426093 Instructor: Staff

The TA seemed to have such a specific agenda of what to cover during recitation that there was never any time for questions. It was difficult to understand either written or verbal explanations, and there were frequently logical errors that served more to confuse than to improve understanding.

I stopped going after the first recitation after he struggled through a truth table, so take my ratings for what they are.

He was a good recitation guy. explains not bad.

The TA was not as confident he should have been. He was always open to questions but most of the time he had his back against the class while he was explaining.

Was hard to understand his english at times.