Discrete Structures

Discrete Mathematics

Last Update: 20 September 2013

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"[D]igitality [or discreteness], perhaps the most significant notion in the entire computational pantheon."

  1. What Is Discrete Math?

  2. Countability

  3. Bibliography of Books, etc., on Discrete Math

  4. Is mathematics "scientific"?

  5. Do numbers exist?

  6. If so, where do they live?

  7. Can there be such a thing as a negative number?

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  11. Does infinity exist?

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  15. On Beyond Z:

  16. The Number Line (not to be taken seriously!)

  17. On the relationship between "computable" (in the intuitionistic sense of "constructive") and "real" numbers, see this article by a famous logician and former UB professor:

    Myhill, John (1972), "What Is a Real Number?", American Mathematical Monthly 79(7) (August-September): 748–754.

  18. NEW
    Braverman, Mark (2013),
    "Computing with Real Numbers, from Archimedes to Turing and Beyond", Communications of the ACM 56(9) (September): 74–83.

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