CSE 4/510 & PHI 498, Spring 2004

Term-Paper Topics

Last Update: 15 February 2004

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Here is a list of some possible term-paper topics:

  1. Further discussion of any topic covered in class (e.g., your answer to one of the questions listed on the syllabus, plus a defense of your answer, or a critical examination of someone else's (published) answer to one of the questions).

  2. A critical examination of any of the required or recommended (or any other approved and relevant) readings.

  3. A critical study of any monograph (i.e., book) or anthology (including special issues of journals) on the philosophy of computer science.

  4. A critical, but general, survey article on the philosophy of computer science that would be appropriate for an encyclopedia of philosophy or an encyclopedia of computer science.

  5. Other ideas of your own, approved by me in advance.

For general assistance with writing (including my required method of paper preparation and format, as well as advice on grammar), see my website "How to Write".

For specific assistance on writing a philosophy paper, see the text by Woodhouse or any of the guides on the Google list accessible from the "What Is Philosophy?" Webpage.

The paper should be a maximum of 10-15 NEW double-spaced, single-sided pages (i.e., about 2500-3750 words) (not counting the bibliography).

Reminder: An abstract and reading list are due no later than Tuesday, February 24.

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