CSE 4/510 & PHI 498, Spring 2004

Turing Typos

Last Update: 28 January 2003

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These are the typographical errors I have noticed in the on-line version of:

located at http://www.abelard.org/turpap2/tp2-ie.asp

Note: Corrections are in boldface.

  1. §5:

    "And lines such as

    To be written as"

    should be "And lines such as qi Sj R qm

    To be written as"

  2. §5:

    "Our first standard form would be

    should be

    "Our first standard form would be

  3. §6, paragraph beginning "It is not difficult", last line:

    "and exchanged or others" should be "and exchanged for others".

  4. §8, last paragraph:

    "has been need throughout" should be "has been used throughout".

  5. §9, part II:

    Throughout, the symbol [] appears (i.e., a rectangular box). In all cases, it should be replaced by a subscript α.

By "van Fraassen's theorem of proofreading", there are more errors than I have listed above. If you find any, please let me know.

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