The Department of Computer Science & Engineering
CSE 463/563:
(Spring 2005)

Instructor:Prof. William J. Rapaport
Times:MWF 1:00 - 1:50 p.m.
Classroom:Norton 214

Course Description:
An introduction to the field of knowledge representation and reasoning, the branch of artificial intelligence concerned with the techniques for representing and reasoning about the information to be used by an AI program.

Topics will include: the knowledge representation hypothesis; ontologies; syntax and semantics of classical propositional and predicate logic; and semantic networks. As time permits, we may also discuss some or all of the following (as well as others): non-classical logics (e.g., modal logics); logics of knowledge and belief; non-monotonic, defeasible, and default logics; truth maintenance and belief revision; frames; description logics; commonsense reasoning; and knowledge sharing.

CSE 463: CSE 305, or permission of instructor.
CSE 563: Graduate standing and knowledge of a high-level programming language (such as Lisp), or permission of instructor.

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