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Last Update: 15 September 2008

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  1. An ontology of ice cream :-)

  2. Aristotle's categories:

  3. Jorge Luis Borges's categories of animals

  4. Noy, Natalya F., & McGuinness, Deborah L. (2001), "Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating Your First Ontology"

  5. Barry Smith's ontology websites:

  6. Gruber, Tom, "What Is an Ontology?

  7. From the Laboratory for Applied Ontology:

  8. "The Ontology Page"

  9. Communications of the ACM, Vol. 45 (2002), No. 2: Ontology: Different ways of representing the same concept

  10. Corazzon, Raul (2005), "Ontology: A Resource Guide for Philosophers"

  11. Intensional KR:

  12. Time and Tense

  13. Ethnophysiography

  14. CYC

  15. Ontology Problem from B&L

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