CSE 472/572, Spring 2002


In lecture, we did the following example:

Let sigma = {f(y)/x, z/y}
     tau = {a/x, b/y, y/z}.
Compute Compose(sigma, tau).

The result, as you should recall, was {f(b)/x, y/z}.

To show that composition of substitutions is not commutative, I asked you to compute Compose(tau, sigma). Here is the solution:

Compose(tau, sigma) =

  1. {Subst(sigma, a)/x, Subst(sigma, b)/y, Subst(sigma, y)/z, f(y)/x, z/y}
    = {a/x, b/y, z/z, f(y)/x, z/y}

  2. Remove {z/z, f(y)/x, z/y}
    to yield {a/x, b/y}

which is not = Compose(sigma, tau)

Copyright © 2002 by William J. Rapaport (rapaport@cse.buffalo.edu)
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