Translating from English to a First-Order Language

Last Update: 27 February 2005

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Here are some references to algorithmic treatments of translation from English to a first-order language (i.e., a language for first-order [or "predicate"] logic).

  1. Kalish, Donald; Montague, Richard; & Mar, Gary (1964, 1980), Logic: Techniques of Formal Reasoning, Second Edition (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)

  2. Otto, Herbert R. (1978), The Linguistic Basis of Logic Translation (Washington, DC: University Press of America).

  3. Schagrin, Morton L. (1979), The Language of Logic: A Self-Instruction Text, 2nd edition (New York: Random House).

  4. NEW Representing English Sentences in FOL

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