CSE 472/572, Spring 2002


Last Update: 11 April 2002

Note: NEW material is highlighted

  1. NEW
    Another Resolution Example

  2. Unification Example (begun in lecture, 8 Apr; concluded in lecture, 10 Apr)

  3. Further Thoughts on Unification

  4. Unification Algorithm

  5. Composition of Substitutions

  6. Resolution Proof in Natural-Deduction Format

  7. Clause-Form Algorithm

  8. An FOL Natural-Deduction Example

  9. Some references on translating from English to logic

  10. Wang's Algorithm

  11. Shapiro, Stuart C. (1994), "Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence: Course Notes for 1st International Summer Institute in Cognitive Science"

  12. Rapaport, William J. (1997), "The Logic of the Ternary Sentential Connective `If-Then-Else'"

  13. Some more references on logic and AI:

  14. Paradoxes of Material Conditional

  15. Another (Propositional-Logic) Natural-Deduction Example

  16. Mental Models vs. Rule-Based Inference

  17. On the topic of representations not being complete:

  18. Thorndike, Edward L. (1917), "Reading as Reasoning: A Study of Mistakes in Paragraph Reading", The Journal of Educational Psychology 8(6): 323-332.

  19. Goedel's Theorem

  20. Google search on Peano's Axioms

  21. Far Side cartoon on syntax vs. semantics (pdf format)

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