CSE 472/572, Spring 2002

What Is AI?

Last Update: 22 January 2002

Note: NEW or updated items are generally listed first.

  1. "Welcome to AI Topics" (sponsored by the AAAI)

  2. Information on the Turing Test

  3. Freshman-level lecture notes on AI

  4. Some Standard Sources of Information on AI

  5. Definitions of AI:

  6. Artificial IQ Test

  7. What Is Computation?

  8. Rapaport, William J. (1998), "How Minds Can Be Computational Systems", Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence 10: 403-419.

  9. Major Accomplishments in AI

  10. A Tom Toles cartoon on whether computers have real intelligence

  11. On EPAM

  12. The Cassie Conversation
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