The Department of Computer Science & Engineering
CSE/LIN/PHI/PSY 575 & APY 526:
(Spring 2011)

Instructor:Prof. William J. Rapaport
Times:MWF 10:00–10:50 A.M.
Classroom:O'Brian 112

Course Description:
An introduction to cognitive science, an interdisciplinary approach to the computational study of human cognition. Methodology, assumptions, and research problems of cognitive science and such cognitive-science disciplines as anthropology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, neurosciences, philosophy, psychology, etc. Emphasis will be placed on joint efforts of these disciplines in investigating issues in the nature of the mind, intelligence, language, perception, memory, etc. Students will be encouraged to participate in colloquia sponsored by the Center for Cognitive Science.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing, or permission of instructor.

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