The Inverted Spectrum Problem


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An example of alternative perception of colors. In the right image we can see the normal picture of a little boy playing with colors (what a coincidence!). In the central image we can see the same picture with the red and green channel mixed together as we can image it would happen in a color blind person. We can notice that the green and the red canvas appears to be of the same color while the blue and the yellow canvas appears to be the same. In this case we could detect somebody who’s seeing the world in this fashion because there is a loss of information (and information belong to the objective, scientific, observable world …). In the left image the red channel and the green one have been swapped together (like a perfect color blind). Although the blue and the yellow canvas area, as usual, the same, the red and the green appears to be swapped but look!… the boy is using green this time so, from the point of view of the normal observer, nothing has changed. The reason is that there is no information loss (we could say that the syntax of the problem has remained the same) while the meaning has changed (we could say that the semantic of the problem has changed).