CSE 575, Fall 2001


  1. Dilbert on the privacy of pain

  2. On the inverted spectrum:

  3. Dennett, Daniel C. (1978), "Artificial Intelligence as Philosophy and as Psychology", in Martin Ringle (ed.), Philosophical Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (New York: Humanities Press and Harvester Press); reprinted in Daniel C. Dennett, Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology (Montgomery, VT: Bradford Books, 1978): 109-126.

  4. Putnam, Hilary (1975), "The Meaning of `Meaning'," reprinted in Mind, Language and Reality (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press): 215-271.

  5. Mind-Body Theories

  6. On functionalistic theories of mind:

  7. Rapaport, William J. (1982), "Unsolvable Problems and Philosophical Progress", 1982 Prize Essay, American Philosophical Quarterly 19: 289-298.

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