Introduction to Cognitive Science


Last Update: 7 April 2013

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  1. "Emotion (a subtopic of Cognitive Science)", ( AI Topics).

  2. From MITECS:

    1. Oatley, Keith (2003), "Emotions".

    2. Brothers, Leslie (2003), "Emotion and the Human Brain"

    3. LeDoux, Joseph; & Rogan, Michael (2003), "Emotion and the Animal Brain"

      • Despite its title, I found this article to be much more useful and relevant than the one on the human brain.

  3. Simon, Herbert A. (1967), "Motivational and Emotional Controls of Cognition", Psychological Review 74: 29-39.

  4. The work of Aaron Sloman:

    1. "The Cognition and Affect Project: Exploring architectures for intelligent agents (whether natural or artificial)"

    2. Sloman, Aaron; & Croucher, Monica (1981), "Why Robots Will Have Emotions", Proceedings of IJCAI 1981 (Vancouver).

    3. Wright, Ian; Sloman, Aaron; & Beaudoin, Luc (1996), "Towards a Design-Based Analysis of Emotional Episodes", Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 3(2): 101-126.

      • Presents a "computational"—i.e., information-processing—theory of grief.

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  7. The work of Rosalind Picard:

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