Introduction to Cognitive Science

Guest Lectures

Last Update: 18 November 2008

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  • J. David Smith, Department of Psychology

    1. Topic: Animal Uncertainty Monitoring and Metacognition (11 November)

    2. Readings:

      1. Smith, J. David; Beran, Michael J.; Redford, Joshua S.; & Washburn, David A. (2005), "Dissociating Uncertainty Responses and Reinforcement Signals in the Comparative Study of Uncertainty Monitoring"

      2. Smith, J. David; Call, Josep; & Proust, Joëlle (2008), "How (Not) to Study Animal Metacognition"

  • Susan Udin, UB Department of Physiology & Biophysics, Program in Neuroscience

    1. UPDATED Topic: Visual Receptive Fields (25 November)

    2. Readings:

      1. Lettvin, J.Y.; Maturana, H.R.; McCulloch, W.S.; & Pitts, W.H. (1959), "What the Frog's Eye Tells the Frog's Brain", Proceedings of the IRE 47(11) (November): 1940-1951.

      2. Hubel, David H. (1982), "Exploration of the Primary Visual Cortex, 1955-78", Nature 299(7) (7 October): 515-524.

      3. Udin, Susan B. (in press), "The Instructive Role of Binocular Vision in the Xenopus Tectum", Biological Cybernetics.

    3. Lecture material:

      1. "The Visual System" (lecture)

      2. Quicktime movie of what the frog's eye tells the frog's brain

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