Philosophy of Computer Science

Humorous Algorithms

Last Update: 11 June 2010

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  1. A real recipe

  2. A recipe for water
  3. A simple algorithm for computing your birthdate
  4. "Dilbert": a simple algorithm
  5. "Motley's Crew": a simple procedure
  6. "Willy 'n Ethel": a recursive algorithm (with base case = mustard)???
  7. "Shoe": a named procedure
  8. "Hagar the Horrible": an incomplete algorithm
  9. "Nancy": an ambiguous instruction
  10. "Shoe": another ambiguous instruction
  11. A real-life procedure with an extremely ambiguous (because highly context-dependent) first statement
  12. "Nancy": a procedure for learning to ride a bike, with an infinite loop
  13. "Baby Blues": algorithm for a snowman
  14. "Zits": how to put clean laundry in a room.

  15. NEW
    Jamieson, Wendell (2010), "In the Event of a Strike, How to Open the Doors", New York Times (20 April): A15.

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