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CSE/PHI 4/584:
Phil. of Comp. Sci.
Directory of Documents

Directory of Documents

CSE/PHI 4/584: Last Update: 20 April 2009

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CIT Services for Students...
  • a list of links to services provided by
    Computing and Information Technology,
    including such topics as:
    • Getting Started
    • Email & News
    • Internet Access
    • Computing Labs (e.g., where they are; how to print)
    • Hardware & Software (including TechTools and Unix)
    • Training, Support, & Documentation

  1. What is the philosophy of computer science?

  2. What is philosophy?

  3. What is computer science?

  4. What is a computer program?

    1. Can programs be copyrighted or patented?
    2. Can programs be verified?

  5. Philosophy of artificial intelligence

  6. Computer Ethics

  7. Course Summary

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