CSE 663: Advanced Topics in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Fall 2006; MWF, 12:00 noon—12:50 PM; Reg. #472919

Instructor: Prof. William J. Rapaport


Official catalog description:

A second graduate course in knowledge representation and reasoning covering such topics as automated theorem proving, semantic network implementation, etc., and surveying knowledge representation and reasoning topics not covered in other graduate-level courses. Topics will vary according to instructor and student interests.

Official Prerequisites:

Graduate standing and either CSE 563 (Knowledge Representation) or CSE 572 (Knowledge-Based AI) or CSE/LIN 567 (Computational Linguistics); or else permission of instructor.

Description for the Fall 2006 implementation:

This will be a sequel to CSE 563 from the Spring 2006 semester. I plan to begin with a brief review of logic and automated theorem proving (Brachman & Levesque, Chs. 1-2) and of the SNePS knowledge-representation, reasoning, and acting system. I plan then to cover some or all of the following topics, among others:

Assignments and the term project will be similar to my previous implementation of this course. For further information on that version, go to: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~rapaport/663F03.html

Additional informal prerequisite for the Fall 2006 implementation:

I can't legally require any prerequisite other than those listed above, but if you did not take CSE 563 in Spring 2006 and/or have no background in first-order logic, including resolution theorem proving, then please see me before registering.

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