Propositional and First-Order Logic

Last Update: 8 September 2008

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted

  1. Shapiro, Stuart C., "Foundations of Logic and Inference"

  2. Thomason, Richmond (1998), "Crash Course in the Theory of Logic"

  3. UPDATED Some references on translating from English to logic

  4. Some references on logic and AI:

  5. Some references on logic and computer science/software engineering:

  6. Extracts from other AI textbooks:

  7. Proper Subformula

  8. Rules for SEND and RETURN

  9. Rules for A and E

  10. Paradoxes of the Material Conditional

  11. Wang's Algorithm

  12. Satisfaction of a Quantified WFF

  13. FOL "Pragmatics" à la Brachman & Levesque

  14. Many-Valued Logics

  15. Modal Logic

  16. Mental Models

  17. FOL as a KRR System

  18. Some Wikipedia articles:

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