CSE 675, Spring 2000


  1. Time flies.

  2. Flying planes can be dangerous.

  3. I like her cooking.

  4. The shooting of the hunters was terrible.

  5. John called Mary a Republican, and then she insulted him.

  6. I saw the Statue of Liberty flying over New York.

  7. Mary saw a dog in the window. She wanted it.

  8. Napolean died on St. Helena. Wellington was saddened.

  9. Texaco lost a major ruling in its legal battle with Pennzoil. The Supreme Court dismantled Texaco's protection against having to post a crippling $12 billion appeals bond, pushing Texaco to the brink of a Chapter 11 filing.

  10. Mary saw the workman. Would she have the courage to talk to him? She would!

  11. Dogs dogs dog dog dogs.

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