(Computational) Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition

Last Update: 20 August 2002

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  2. Rapaport, William J., & Kibby, Michael W. (2001), "Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition: Development of a Computational Theory and Educational Curriculum: Description of Revised Scope of Project for Pilot-Project Purposes"

    Rapaport, William J., & Kibby, Michael W. (2002), "Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition: A Computational Theory and Educational Curriculum", in Nagib Callaos, Ana Breda, and Ma. Yolanda Fernandez J. (eds.), Proceedings of the 6th World Multiconf erence on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI 2002; Orlando, FL) (Orlando: International Institute of Informatics and Systemics), Vol. II: Concepts and Applications of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics I, pp. 261-266.

  4. UPDATED Older slide show

  5. Bibliography of Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition

  6. The "brachet" demo:

  7. More CVA passages

  8. List of websites that might be useful in finding passages with target words

  9. List of target words for secondary students

  10. List of target words for middle school students

  11. Karen Ehrlich's original CVA algorithm (in SNePSUL)

  12. The Ehrlich algorithm in English (by Scott T. Napieralski)

  13. Streamlined version of the Ehrlich algorithm in English (by William J. Rapaport, Marc K. Broklawski, and Scott T. Napieralski

  14. More efficient version of the Ehrlich algorithm (by Marc K. Broklawski).

  15. Instructions for Running CVA (Noun) Algorithm and SNePS on UB CSE Machines

  16. Marc's CVA directory

  17. Bill's CVA directory

  18. A Dictionary of CVA SNePS Case Frames

  19. Progress Reports

  20. CSE 663 Accomplishments (slide show)

  21. Marc Broklawski's CVA resources page

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