CSE 727, Spring 2007


Last Update: 15 January 2007

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted

  1. SNePS Research Group homepage

  2. Instructions for doing the SNePS Tutorial

  3. SNePS Readings

  4. Readings on SNePS's theory of non-standard connectives

  5. SNePS and Knowledge, Belief, & Intensionality

  6. Almeida, Michael J. (1995), "Time in Narratives", in Duchan, Judith Felson; Bruder, Gail A.; & Hewitt, Lynne E. (eds.) (1995), Deixis in Narrative: A Cognitive Science Perspective (Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates): 159-189.

  7. Chun, Soon Ae (1987), "SNePS Implementation of Possessive Phrases", SNeRG Technical Note 19 (Buffalo: SUNY Buffalo Department of Computer Science).

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