The SNePS Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Acting System

Last Update: 15 January 2007

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted

  1. Read the material in "Essential SNePS Readings". (I think you will find Rapaport & Shapiro 1987, Shapiro & Rapaport 1995, and Martins 2002 to be the most useful.)

  2. Go to the "SNePS: An Interactive Approach" tutorial on the Web.

  3. Do Sections 1-7 of the tutorial (Section 1 is instructions on running SNePS). Save all your interactions in one or more files. (Note: Answers to exercises are in Section 10.)

  4. Do Section 8: Programming Project #1 (unless you have already done it, in which case do Section 9: Programming Project #2 (unless you have already done that one, too, in which case you do not need to do this assignment :-))

  5. Please hand in a project report consisting of:

    (a) A brief description of SNePS (suitable for a section in, say, an intro AI textbook), including some or all of your tutorial exercises, as appropriate, accompanied by drawings (you can do these by hand) of any SNePS networks you discuss.

    (b) An annotated demo of Section 8 (or 9). The annotations need to be detailed and extensive; they need to explain why you have chosen the particular representations that you use, and what these representations mean (i.e., you must supply the syntax and semantics of your representations).


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