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Top 25 Fairs & Festivals for 2004
1. Ann Arbor Street Fair
2. Bayou City Art Festivals
3. Sawdust Art Festival
4. Cherry Creek Arts Festival
5. Paradise City Arts Festivals
6. League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's Fair
7. American Craft Exposition
8. Smithsonian Craft Show
9. Scottsdale Arts Festival
10. International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art (SOFA)

AmericanStyle readers cast their votes for the country's top art fairs and festivals.

The complete list of the Top 25 Fairs & Festivals along with detailed articles on each fair can be found HERE!

Top 25 Arts Destinations for 2004
New York
2. Chicago
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Buffalo
5. Cincinnati

...(click here for complete list)

Cities in the Midwest often play second fiddle to their sophisticated cousins on both coasts. But not this year. Our national readers’ poll for AmericanStyle’s Top 25 Arts Destinations found a winner right in the middle.

The complete list of the Top 25 along with detailed articles on each city can be found HERE!

10 Great Places to Watch
As always, among the readers’ nominations this year, were notes about some arts locations they hold dear. Here are 10 of them...

While You're There...
A list of recommended galleries for top art cities
Click here for a complete list.

Visitors guides to the best art cities in American!
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Art festivals, exhibits and openings listed by region.
Find an event near you.





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