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Best Safe Towns in America
(& Their Hidden Charms)
By Rose Edmonds

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2. Amherst, New York
Location: Just outside Buffalo, New York
What's Cool: Amherst Museum
Located just outside of Buffalo, Amherst is home to the main campus of the University of Buffalo. The vibrant campus serves as a town center with an ongoing array of lectures, plays, exhibits and sporting events.

For a glimpse into the history of the area, visitors can travel to the 19th century as they explore the restored buildings of the Amherst Museum. The 35-acre historical park also has exhibits that focus on local history and period costumes. Afterward, browse New York's largest indoor/outdoor antique market at the Antique World and Marketplace. The 200-acre complex in Clarence is just a 10-minute drive from Amherst. The cascading waters of Niagara Falls are also close at 20 minutes away.

Once you work up an appetite, make your way to Rooties. Amherst natives say the restaurant has some of the best buffalo wings in the area — maybe even better than the Anchor Bar in Buffalo where wings were invented.

Hotels in Amherst include the Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn. Travelers planning a trip to the area in the peak "back-to-school" period of late summer should definitely reserve rooms well in advance.

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Trip Planning: Greater Buffalo Convention and Visitors Bureau

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