Two abridged protocols for juggernaut passage

Protocol 1:

DM: All right, “the Olympics juggernaut without some kicking and screaming.” So, establishment comes to mind and uh…yeah, I think that’s it according to this one, this passage right here.
KW: [unclear prompt, probably, “What makes you think establishment?”]
DM: Well, they talk about extreme sports not being absorbed. The Olympics is sort of, sort of a hallowed kind of think. …

Protocol 2:

*"Of course, there's no way that a pesky subculture like extreme sports could be absorbed into the Olympics clamberdite without some kicking and screaming." Society. The Olympics rules or the ways that they functions or are accepted into their culture. The Olympics culture. The Olympics, like, the Olympics social club. Or not the social club, but like the's not like something that's accepted, would be accepted, by the Olympics, you know? [turns page]
*KW Did you say social code? Or social club?
*MB Oh, culture, kind of.
*KW Culture, okay. I see what you're saying.
*MB Like, this is an extreme sport that would not be accepted into the clamberdite of the Olympics.
Note: Clamberdite was the word used to replace juggernaut in the above protocol.