Contextual Vocabulary Acquisition: algorithms

Last Update: 29 August 2007

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted

  1. The original Ehrlich algorithms

  2. Revisions of the Ehrlich noun-definition algorithm:

    1. More efficient version of the Ehrlich noun-definition algorithm (by Marc K. Broklawski).

    2. Noun algorithm, second revision (work by Scott Napieralski)

    3. Noun-definition algorithm (Spring 2003; by Napieralski)

  3. Revisions of the verb algorithm:

    1. Work by Rajeev Sood:

    2. Work by Justin Del Vecchio:

    3. Verb-definition algorithm (Spring 2003; by Napieralski)

    4. Update and revision by Sutanto & Becker:

    5. Chris Becker's verbalgorithm3.1 (Spring 2005)

    6. NEW
      The verb algorithm in SNeRE:

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