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Updated Thursday, May 31, 2007


AUTHOR, AUTHOR. Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, associate professor of anthropology, talks with President John B. Simpson yesterday at a reception for UB faculty and staff members who published books between Jan. 1, 2005, and May 1 of this year. Bacigalupo published "Shamans of the Foye Tree: Gender, Power and Healing among the Chilean Mapuche." (Photo: Nancy J. Parisi)

Amherst residents discuss UB's plans

About 150 Amherst residents joined UB administrators Tuesday to discuss the university's plans for growth and that growth's impact on their community. » Full Story

UB inventors to be recognized

UB will recognize the research and commercialization achievements of faculty members today at the annual Scholars, Inventors and Entrepreneurs Reception. » Full Story

Top Stories

Simpson named to panel. President John B. Simpson has been named to a newly created state Higher Education Commission charged with identifying ways to improve the quality of higher education in New York.

Suicide prevention training to be offered. Suicide-prevention training sessions will be offered this summer for faculty, staff and students to ensure that students who want or need help are not left to struggle on their own.

Rapaport loves Lucy. UB faculty member Bill Rapaport and his wife, Mary, are the major donors behind the Desilu Playhouse, a collection of memorabilia, costumes and set recreations from the old "I Love Lucy" television series.

McDonald's commercial on track. McDonald's new advertising campaign to promote high-level career opportunities within the company is a great way to fight the connotation of dead-end drudgery and low wages that comes with fast-food jobs, according to UB faculty member Jerry Newman.

‘Sopranos’ called one of the best. "The Sopranos" will go down in American television history as one of the all-time greats, says UB pop culture expert Elayne Rapping.