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Kenneth W. Regan, Professor
Kenneth W. Regan
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
326 Davis Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260-2500
Phone: (716) 645-4738
FAX: (716) 645-3464
Email: [my lowercased surname] [at symbol] buffalo [dot] edu
Research interests: Theoretical Computer Science

Publications and some talks.

"Fidelity" Chess Research Site. Research description, longer overview. Chess papers and talks. June 2014 Chess Life article, story on NPR Weekend Edition Saturday 6/21, and supplementary notes on both. 3/20/12 New York Times article, supplementary FAQ, and example IPR Chart of performances by 23 of the world's top players in 2012-13, plus similar chart for some computers. Plus a Study of Freestyle Chess, as referenced in the book Average is Over by Tyler Cowen, and more evidence against rating inflation.

Index of the weblog Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP.

Poster: "Landscape of Computational Complexity" (JPEG), designed with and in memoriam Mustafa Faramawi, 2008.

Spring 2024 Course

CSE702 Seminar: Analyzing Cognitive Tendencies From Chess Data

Office Hours: Tue. 1--2pm, Thu. 1--3pm.

Fall 2023 Courses

CSE491/596: Theory of Computation

CSE199 Freshman Seminar: Internet, Computing, and Society

Web folder for my own two-week Internet and Data unit.

Spring 2023 Course

CSE305: Programming Languages

Websites of other courses I have taught: CSE191, CSE250, CSE396, CSE610 Special Topics in Quantum Computing, and CSE696,

Christian Resources

Memorial Page for my father, Robert J. Regan.

Creative Writing

Chess Pages. Endgames, with note.

Married to Deborah Regan Howe with children Alexander (10/16/1994) and Rebecca (5/15/1997).

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