He, art, soul, mind, and strength

Narrative of the photo's foreground: Supported by the Bible, The God Effect brings light upon the silver-covered book, thereby changing its title to The Delusion---Richard Dawkins. God has gone up with a shout (Ps. 47:5). When you step back, this all comes into focus.

There is also a personal connection behind the photo.

The invitation is to help make "The case for science" against the view that "only atheists can be true scientists", which (besides being wrong on certain ontological matters) is the kind of rigid intellectual conformity that can only stultify science. Art is represented by the overripe pear, with memories of a June 2005 visit to Ce'zanne's studio in Aix-en-Provence, while attending the EPIT 2005 workshop.

On specific plans for this, I am still in the listening stage. More to come...

12/10,1/11: I had been mulling starting a weblog on mathematics and science to welcome believers. It would be similar to the Martin Gardner columns which inspired me but fully Christian and with spiritual application, attending to all parts of the Great Commandment (Luke 10:25--28) (after Deut. 6:4--5, Mark 12:28--34). Instead I was chosen for this. The former is still open and would need helpers, but may not be timely yet while other things at issue in the photo are still happening (2/2/11: oh boy, are they ever...).

It also must hit Luther's word alone in his famous quotation, "If you find yourself in a work by which you accomplish something good for God, or the holy, or yourself, but not for your neighbor alone, then you should know that that work is not a good work." In the original German the "alone" (allein) is completely clear: "Findestu ein werck an dir, das du Gott oder seinen Heiligen oder dir zu gut thust, und nicht allein deinem Nehesten, so wisse, das das werck nicht gut ist." (Source 1; Source 2, gratia Google (upper middle of right-hand column); I have used Source 2's spelling as it's more modern, but search alleyn deynem to find it in Source 1.) For example, the weblog could need to be capable of individual ministry cum mentoring, silently, and be staffed for it.