Robert Platt Jr.


Breaking News:

In September 2013, my group and I will move to the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University.

New Address:

Assistant Professor
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University
440 Huntington Avenue
202 West Village H
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
robplatt (at) buffalo (dot) edu

Research Interests

I am interested in robotics and machine learning with a focus on planning and control in uncertain environments. I am particularly interested in applications to robot manipulation.

Job openings

My group has an opening for a postdoctoral associate to work on planning and perception in robot manipulation to start in September 2013. There are several projects that the successful candidate may choose to become involved with including: active perception in manipulation, robot tactile sensing, and planning under uncertainty. Details can be found here.

I am currently looking for talented PhD students interested in studying robotics. Please email me with your CV if interested.

All positions will be based at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.