CSE 610: Advanced Computer Architecture Fall 2021


Instructor: Prof R. Sridhar, 338K Davis Hall Email: rsridhar@buffalo.edu

Class Meeting time: Thursday 3:30pm - 6:00pm Location: TBD

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday 1:30pm-2:30pm 

The course covers Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture that includes novel computer systems, parallel computing, domain specific systems, and special purpose systems architecture. Course prepares for advanced projects/research in computer systems and architecture

Topics covered include

       Special purpose architectures

       Systems for diverse applications such as AI, medicine and automobile industry

       Memory architectures

       System level approach to Systems on chips

       Architectural support for programming

       Hardware accelerator for special applications

       Parallel systems and application

       Scalability, power aware solutions

       Multi-core systems

       Pipelined systems

       Interconnect architecture

       Probabilistic architectures

       Embedded Systems

       Novel IO architectures

       Security, network topics and privacy through architecture


Prerequisites:  Introductory computer architecture course (CSE490/590), or permission of the instructor 

Reference:   State of the art material on recent developments in computing architecture from industry, journals, workshops and conferences.


Grading: Letter grades carry the normal numerical values (90+ = A,  80+ = B,  70+ = C, 60+ = D).  Curving may be applied if deemed appropriate by the instructor. Plus/Minus grades will be given. 30% Exam; 40% Homework and Project; 30% Term paper and presentation.