CSE 671: Security in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks    Spring 2009


Instructor:  Prof. R. Sridhar 135 Bell Hall     E-mail: rsridhar@cse.buffalo.edu

Class Meeting time: Wednesday 4:00pm - 6:30pm Location: 242 Bell

Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30pm-3:30pm; Thursday 12noon-1pm

The course covers security problems in wireless ad hoc networks and sensor networks. In particular, the course addresses the vulnerabilities in ad hoc wireless networks, RFID based security problems and sensor network security, and discusses possible solutions. Applications considered will include pervasive computing, mobile networks, and military & commercial applications. Solutions considered will use state of the art system, software and hardware approaches to develop secure protocols. Key management, cross layer design and intrusion detection/prevention will also be addressed. Security in an embedded domain will also be addressed.

Prerequisites:  Introductory course in Networks and/Security, or permission of the instructor

Reference:   Technical papers from leading journals, conference proceedings and reference books in security, and wireless and sensor networks


        Security vulnerabilities of ad hoc wireless networks

        Security protocols, key management and authentication in

o   Mobile ad hoc wireless networks

o   Sensor networks and energy constraints

o   Network availability and security

o   RFID based security solutions and limitations

        Cross layer approach to improved security

        Energy constrained security solutions

        Security solutions for pervasive computing



Grading: Letter grades carry the normal numerical values (90+ = A,  80+ = B,  70+ = C, 60+ = D).  Curving may be applied if deemed appropriate by the instructor. Plus/Minus grades will be given. 30% Exam; 40% Homework and Project; 30% Term paper and presentation.