"System on Chip - Hardware, Software and System issues"

Spring 2011

CSE 710 SRD 

Registration # 133340

Instructor: Ramalingam Sridhar    rsridhar@buffalo.edu

Meeting Time:  TBD  Number of credits:  1 to 3

The course prerequisites:  A course in Computer Architecture or VLSI

This seminar will focus on many dimensions of System-On-Chip (SOC) designs.  Most current systems (Computing, communication and entertainment systems) have at least one or more SoCs, which are key to their functioning.  System-on-chip techniques integrate multiple functionalities into a single chip, by integrating processing, communication, memories, DSPs and more. These are often developed by multiple vendors and need to be adapted with ease, without losing the rights to the intellectual property.  SoCs are developed through sound CAD, architecture and system level techniques and with close interactions of the hardware and software embedded within the application domain.   With decreasing feature size and increased integration, many challenges have emerged in the design, test, and verification of SoCs.  Low power, reliable and secure SoC designs are vital to get most consumer products to market in time.

The course will involve discussions and presentations on many topics of SoCs and related topics in embedded systems, computer architecture and VLSI Systems.   Additionally, students will research on a topic and work on a problem/project within the domain and give a detailed presentation.  

Papers from leading conferences/Journals in Computer Architecture, SoCs and some application domains, and ITRS will be used as references.

Grading:  S/U

For additional information, please email   rsridhar@buffao.edu