CSE 691  Advanced VLSI Design  Spring 2015


Instructor:  Professor R. Sridhar, 338K Davis Hall , E-mail: rsridhar@buffalo.edu  Office Hours: Wednesday 1pm-2:30pm

Lecture: Wednesday 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM, Davis 338A

Advanced VLSI Design is a course that focuses on high performance, low power reliable VLSI Systems Design.  We present advanced topics in the design of VLSI Systems.   Topics covered include VLSI Circuit techniques and design methodologies for low power applications, process variation and its impact on very deep submicron designs, interconnects, clocking and synchronization, timing issues in digital circuits, and memory & array structures.  Emphasis will be on very deep submicron CMOS designs, high speed design styles, timing, arithmetic building blocks, impact of interconnects, signal integrity and power consumption, with added focus on SoC (System on Chip) designs.  

Prerequisites:  Introductory VLSI (CSE493/CSE593)

Reference Books:  

  1. Digital Integrated Circuits, Jan M. Rabaey, Anantha Chandrakasan, and Borivoje Nikolic´. Second Edition, A Prentice-Hall, 2003
  2. Additional References:  Research papers from leading Conferences and journals.

Grading: Letter grades carry the normal numerical values (90+ = A,  80+ = B,  70+ = C, 60+ = D).  Curving may be applied if deemed appropriate by the instructor. Plus/Minus grades will be given.   30% Exam;    15% Homework ;   55% Project; Term paper and presentation.
Miscellaneous:  A project will be assigned and is due at the end of the semester.  The project will incorporate high performance VLSI principles.  A term paper and a detailed presentation are due towards the later part of the semester. The topic for the project and the term paper will be selected in consultation with the Professor.  





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