High Performance VLSI Systems and Architecture Laboratory


DirectorRamalingam Sridhar   Office: 135 Bell Hall,  Lab location: 340 Davis Hall

Research Focus:: VLSI Circuits and Systems, Embedded Technologies, Wireless Networks and Security, Computer Architecture

Research Projects:

·        VLSI Systems and Architecture: Very Deep Submicron VLSI Circuits – Leakage Reduction, Silicon Nano-electronics, Systems on Chip (SoC), CMOS Wave-pipelining, Clocking and Synchronization, Memory Circuits and Systems Architecture, Variation tolerant Circuits, Low Power Circuits and Systems, Embedded Systems and technology , Instruction Set Architecture, Digital Signal Processor Architecture, Special purpose architecture for Wireless Systems, multimedia, image processing and Security

·        Wireless Networks and Systems Cross Layer techniques to Energy reduction in wireless ad hoc networks, ad hoc wireless network header compression, Wireless security, Wireless network authentication protocol, Cryptosystems for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Sensor Networks design, Energy in sensor networks, Security in Sensor networks, RFID, Smart Cards integration, Energy - performance - security tradeoffs, embedded secure architectures



Selected publications    Patents  Funding Source  Alumni

Current Members:            

·   Kerry D. Courtright, Ph.D. candidate, "Compiler Issues in Secure Architectures"

·   Praveen Elakkumanan, Ph.D. candidate, "Low Leakage high performance Static Memory System"

·   Ashok Narasimhan, Ph.D. candidate, "Clocking and Synchronization issues in Ultra Deep Submicron System"

·   Lushan Liu, Ph.D. candidate, "Memory Partitioning and Low Power SRAMs in SoCs"

·   Geethapriya Thamilarasu, Ph.D. student, "Cross-layer techniques for Wireless Networks"

·   Viswanathan Natarajan, Ph.D. student, “RFID and Security in Wireless networks”

·   Aruna Balasubramanian, "Hybrid Key Management for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks", January 2005 

·   Karthik Ramakrishnan, “Security issues in Wireless networks”, Started September 2005

·   Manjari Agarwal, "Very Deep submicron VLSI Noise issues”, Started January 2005

·   Yawar Nahvi, “Very Deep submicron VLSI – Circuit issues”, Started January 2005

·   Vidya Bhargavi Balasubramanyam, “Secure routing in Sensor networks”, Started January 2005

·   Youngwhan Song, “Embedded System security”, Started January 2005

·   Kishan Prasad, “Soft Errors and reliability issues in Very deep submicron designs”, MS, August 2005



Microelectronic Design Center (MDC) supported by NYSTAR


National Science Foundation


NASA, Air Force, Amherst Systems.