When I am not doing my research and out of beer, I am found brewing my own. I love beer and I have camouflaged my beer addiction as a hobby through homebrewing. I am a nanoscale brewer, brewing beers in batches of 1-2 gallons. I mostly use malt extracts and use partial mashing only when required. Although, I have used partial mashing for every beer I have brewed of late. I use dry yeast for all my beers and they turn out to be great. I like experimenting with my beers and don't pay much attention to the BJCP style guidelines, as long as I get a great tasting beer. That explains why I decided to brew an Orange Hef!
Recently, I entered my first homebrew competition, Amber Wave of Grains with a Belgian Dubbel, under BJCP category 26B. Although my entry did not win a medal, it was up against some of the best brewers in the Westren New York Area and was received very well by the judges! It was rated "Very-Good", scoring a 33.5 on 50, just below "Excellent" (38 and above; beers with this rating will bag a prize in most competitions), and "Outstanding" (world class beers).
If you live in the Buffalo area and want to get in touch to start brewing, I will be glad to help!


Here are some of the beers I have brewed. You can see the recipes or download them in BeerXML format.